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Promediary pinpoints key-market domain resale opportunities and parleys the contacts, resources and marketing know-how of an accomplished, 27-year old U.S. public relations firm to relocate brandworthy client domain names
to major corporations and independent companies, eager to fortify their Web identities.

Promediary assumes all related research, marketing and personnel expenses, and is commissioned only after client domain names are sold or leased to a third party.

Private Equity Domain Sales
Impeccable resources, contacts and know-how.

Corporate Domain Placements
  Promediary merchandises high-equity client
  domains to senior corporate decision-makers
  worldwide ...

Source Market Domain Placements
  Promediary fuels a competitive frenzy among
  established domain buyers to ensure top-dollar
  returns for non-corporate client domains ...
Keyword and Trademark Monitoring
  Advance notice of expiring domain names which
  relate to your industry or infringe upon your
  trademark ...


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